Experienced Residential Real Estate Representation Across Contra Costa County

For first-time home buyers and sellers with extensive backgrounds in residential real estate transactions, the legal process has been more complex than ever before.

For any problem during or after the transfer of ownership of a home in Northern California, you should have a skilled, knowledgeable real estate attorney ready to advocate for you — someone with decades of experience that can work to your advantage.

In Concord, attorney Christopher R. Lucas provides strategic leadership, strong recommendations and attentive personal service for arbitration, mediation and litigation of disputes; nondisclosure cases; and services to heirs who inherit property in an estate administration context. He also defends contractors after allegations of work not delivered on time, construction defects, faulty inspections and other problem areas.

Success Comes From Experience

When Chris Lucas is your real estate lawyer in Contra Costa County or the East Bay, you can look to him for realistic assessments and timely tactics when joint ownership, partition by sale and quiet title claims arise. His guidance reflects his more than 35 years of experience and track record of success in these practice areas. He effectively oversees our one-stop shop for residential real estate legal services. Contact our law offices to arrange your initial consultation.

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