Skilled Legal Guidance For California Real Estate Contractors

Contentious property owners and hazardous weather can cause delays, and stretch deadlines. There can be change orders, subcontractor disputes and environmental concerns, like subsoil issues, change orders, that can jeopardize a construction project. Any of these impediments could be a reason to consider a lawsuit.

The real estate “big picture” has changed considerably in Concord, Contra Costa County, the East Bay and Northern California. From dramatically increased property values in our beautiful region to the popular practice of “flipping” — purchase, refurbishing and resale of a home — the seismic shifts in these landscapes can often call for the learned input of a skilled real estate attorney.

In our region, the lawyer you want on your side, someone whose knowledge and guidance can benefit you, your family and business, is attorney Christopher R. Lucas.

Success Comes From Experience

Chris Lucas brings his 35-plus years of experience to practical legal solutions for brokers and agents, buyers and sellers, and players in the market who are primarily interested in rehabilitation for resale. A large part of his practice consists of services for contractors in the region, advocating for them — and opposing investors who owe money for developments. He pays special attention to resolutions of lien enforcements as well as lis pendens (notice of pending litigation for “flippers”), and mechanic’s liens.

Are you a contractor in need of a knowledgeable, trusted construction law attorney? No lawyer in the region knows more about the problems that can arise, and how to remedy them, than Christopher R. Lucas.

We invite you to discuss your residential or business property development, or real estate litigation needs, during an initial consultation. Contact us today at 925-852-6086 or by email message.