Protecting Your Rights In Boundary Disputes

Disputes over boundary lines are common between owners of residential and commercial property. Some of the most common disagreements arise from:

  • Determining actually boundary lines, as opposed to boundaries that have been observed in the past
  • Fences, retaining walls and other structures that encroach on abutting property
  • Trees and other plants that cross property lines

Resolving a boundary line dispute calls for the services of an experienced real estate litigation attorney. With law offices in Concord, Chris Lucas has more than 35 years of experience handling complex legal disputes for clients in Contra Costa County and throughout the East Bay area, including cities like Walnut Creek, Lafayette and Orinda . He has the skill and experience to resolve your boundary disputes in a favorable, cost-effective manner.


An easement allows one person to use the property of another for a specific and limited purpose, while the legal title of the property remains with the owner. Easements are granted for a number of reasons, including running power and cable lines and allowing access to roads and other property.

If you are seeking an easement or someone has requested the use of your property, it is important to consult with an attorney who is experienced in these matters.

Attorney Chris Lucas is well versed in the language of easements and other real estate documents. He can establish, review or negotiate an easement on your behalf, so that your property rights are protected to the greatest possible extent.

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